About ICOI

About Investigator Conflict of Interest (ICOI):

ICOI offers comprehensive training on conflict of interest (COI) for research investigators.   Unlike other online COI training courses, ICOI addresses both non-financial and financial conflict of interest (FCOI).  Research investigators must be broadly knowledgeable about conflict of interest to ensure objectivity in research and some federal and non-federal funding entities require investigators to manage both financial and non-financial conflicts of interest.  In addition, ICOI also covers conflict considerations in the review, oversight, and publication of research.  The course was created by the Learn eCORE Founders and vetted by experts in conflict of interest and the federal FCOI regulations.

ICOI is organized to teach key definitions, relevant regulations, and policies, including the federal FCOI regulations, and mitigation strategies. Successful completion of this COI training will meet federal requirements for FCOI training.  It can also complement institutional COI training.

ICOI reinforces learning through frequent knowledge checks, interactive exercises, and realistic case studies drawn from clinical research and other research disciplines.  Mastery of course content is demonstrated by a passing score of 80% or higher on a final course quiz.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Who Should Take Investigator Conflict of Interest (ICOI)?

ICOI was developed to train research professionals involved in a variety of disciplines:

  • Research Investigators, including project directors, principal investigators and others responsible for research design, conduct, or reporting .

  • Other research team members who would also benefit from COI training.

  • Institutional officials involved in research oversight and administration, including IRB staff and members,  and those responsible for management of investigator conflict of interest.

  • Those who teach about conflict of interest as part of research compliance of responsible conduct of research training.

Key Features and Benefits of
Investigator Conflict of Interest (ICOI):

Key Features and Benefits of Investigator Conflict of Interest (ICOI)

  • ICOI was developed by the experienced Learn eCORE Founders and  was independently vetted by experts in non-financial conflict of interest and federal FCOI regulations
  • Comprehensive content that addresses all types of COI as related to research design, conduct, review, oversight, and reporting.
  • Frequent knowledge checks are used ensure learning of key concepts needed for subsequent lessons.
  • Includes realistic case studies so learners can practice applying their knowledge in common research scenarios

  • Comprehensive content trains on both financial and non-financial conflict of interest
  • Take the course at your pace
  • Offers a personalized and dated certificate of completion

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